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I am a 20 year old, brainwash goddess. I am a bitchy, goth girl who exudes dominance, confidence and intelligence. Proceed with caution, my crushing glare and intimidating demeanor is enough to have you on your knees begging to serve me, and trying your hardest to put a smile on my face. I know you're tempted, you're curious about my sharp, cutting tongue, my most deliciously evil tasks and orders. Whether you're a sissy boy hoping to be made into the perfect bimbo doll by this chocolate goddes, a beta bitch boy who knows there is no way you can ever please a woman, or a little pin dick twat whose little cock twitches at the thought of having his self esteem destroyed, I already have you infatuated with me. So let's talk about what this She-god requires from anyone who wants my attention. I am only seeking submissive men who actually enjoy the idea of pampering and spoiling a woman. I don't want a boy who sees this as a chore or punishment. I want a boy who jumps at the mere thought of their cash touching my Godlike hand and pleasing me in ways they could never.I especially love hypno-meditation. My other interests include degredation, CEI, JOI, humiliation, rip off, human ashtray, foot worship, ass worship, body worship, feminization, financial domination, rinsing, ignore, and pet play. My hard limits are hard sports, water sports, anything involving minors, Zoophilia, scarring, permanent injury, and black mail. If you are looking to serve, you are to reach out via one of my socials (or here) in order to receive the application and my payment info. If you are looking for for sessions, reach out (respectfully of course) to receive my payment methods.


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Please allow 2 to 3 business days for applications to be reviewed. $30 processing fee is required. I do not relocate.

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Maryland, USA

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